Shadow & Light

SHADOW & LIGHT is set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at the Marquette State Prison. Clifford was raised in lower Michigan, graduated from Mason High, and went off to Michigan State University. He was a good student in high school, the salutatorian of his class, but he led a double life. He smoked marijuana, illegally sold contraband to his “friends” and was accosted by law enforcement. Faced with the retribution of the legal system, he was shipped off to Marquette Prison for three years. There he met Simon, the murderer, Pete, the kidnapper and Delores, the cook. One fateful morning, Delores was murdered, and he took the fall. After a failed suicide attempt, he became a “lifer” at the prison. A lawyer by the name of Vince Atwood was sent from Lansing to investigate the murder. Vince was convinced of Clifford’s innocence. Years later during a train ride, their lives became unexpectedly entwined. Vince offers him an opportunity he could not refuse, but Clifford’s daughter twists the offer into an illegal mess. Lives are shattered, and someone is killed. Who might that be?

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