Prison Shadows

It’s about self-sacrifice …

Prison Shadows by Kathryn Den Houter is about a husband and father who, after a contentious divorce, begins drug trafficking for income and sport. He is catapulted from a life of honor into the criminal justice system and is surrounded by hardened criminals. He is sent to Michigamme State Prison in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This prison is considered the harshest and most violent. Clifford’s nonviolent, pleaser personality makes him easy prey. He finds a safe spot working with Delores in the kitchen, but in a horrific turn of events, he is set-up, accused of her murder, and thrown into a hellhole, Cellblock B.

With the help of an Administrative Law Judge and his attorney, Maggie Sweetwater, Clifford is vindicated and given an early release date. As a free man, he summons all his courage and determination to stay on the right track. Shadowed by a dysfunctional family, Clifford becomes entangled in his daughter’s life. Caught between the love for his daughter and her unexpected betrayal, he is faced with an explosive reality. He makes the ultimate sacrifice. His daughter, Sharm, muddles through the aftermath to find a measure of inner-peace and a creative voice.

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