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Notes from Kathryn

October 1, 2020

Dear Readers,

I have appreciated all the emails of support and words of encouragement. They buoy my spirits and have prompted me to start a new book. The novel, SHADOW & LIGHT is set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at the Marquette State Prison. It is a story about a nonviolent criminal living among murderers. It is scheduled to be out by June of 2021. Last summer, I had a brief tour of the Marquette prison, and have researched the life of prisoners in the state penal system.

All of us have felt the constraints of this pandemic and many of us have gained a new appreciation for a good book—one that fills us with feelings of love, challenges us with new ideas, and ignites the spirit of renewal and healing. Many of the book club presentations I’ve done have been viral or outside and six feet apart. But they are continuing and the drive to learn and grow through books has not waned. I encourage you to read Cobalt Chronicles. It is a good read. It has received good reviews, and some have said the story provides a healing catharsis for them.

This season of my life is filled with new grandchildren, the opportunity to nurture healthy families, and time to enjoy life with my best friend, Jim.

Thank you for your interest in my life and sharing your words of appreciation.

All the best,


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