Excerpt from Books

Excerpt from Kathryn Den Houter’s novel … Shadow & Light:

“Creeping along like a snake on its belly, a car, with headlights off, pulled alongside the road and parked with just the faintest crunch of tire on gravel. They opened the car doors and closed them carefully so as not to awaken the inhabitant inside the lone trailer sitting next to the towpath. It was a pitchy night—the dense darkness encircled both men like a shroud. It had rained hard just before nightfall and the damp chilly air sculpted a vaporous mist, blurring the lines between grass and trees. The overcast sky blotted out any star or moonlight. Darkness crawled into every dimension, suffocating any hint of light.”

Excerpt from Cobalt Chronicles

“I must run! I must!” Esynama whispered, forcing her legs to move faster and faster. “Moyo risked his life to tell me mama was dying. I will run to hold and kiss her one more time.” As she made her exit, she stuffed a banana in her pocket for her journey. The inky black night showed only a crescent moon, lighting her way. The rivulets from the heavy rains rough cut the road. The thick callouses on her feet served her well as she made her way through the rills and gullies. Running around a bend, she heard a gunshot. Frozen in fear, she stopped, her heart racing…”


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