Van: A Memoir of My Father

Van: A Memoir of My Father Van: A Memoir of My Father

Van: A Memoir of My Father

Author: Kathryn Den Houter

Celebrating the greatness of an ordinary life characterized by obedience, faithfulness, and self-sacrifice, Van tells the story of one man’s life well lived.

As a young boy on the Minnesota prairie, Ben decided he would grow up to be a lawyer. Vivacious, gregarious, and incredibly bright, he worked hard and enjoyed playing pranks on his younger siblings. After graduating from Western Christian High School in 1937 he went off to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the trajectory of his future looked promising.

After graduating from college, Ben answered the call of Uncle Sam, put his courtship on hold, and enlisted in the US Navy. He learned to fly, came home safe and sound, and enrolled in law school after the war, thanks to the GI Bill.

Written by his daughter, Kathryn V. Den Houter, Van offers readers an intimate portrait of one man’s rise from humble beginnings to a life of greatness that blessed everyone he encountered.

An engaging read for anyone who enjoys twentieth-century American history and stories of the people who made this country great, Van chronicles the life of a truly great member of the Greatest Generation.

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