Cobalt Chronicles

Cobalt Chronicles

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Destined to a life of servitude and hard labor, Esynama, with her mother’s blessing, challenges this foregone conclusion. At a tender age, her father drags her into forced child labor at the cobalt mines of the Katanga province in the Congo. He needs the money to feed his gambling habit. But, Esy’s mother, Mary, on her deathbed, gifts Esy with a diary which guides her through the hairpin curves of life. The decisive theme in the diary is the value of education. A Belgian schoolteacher educates Esy’s mother who was orphaned as a child. She opened of the worlds of foreign languages, math and science and Mary wanted this for her daughter. Esy takes her mother’s advice and pursues the dream of education, but each attempt is met with the crushing blows of reality. Esy persists and survives the lechery of a predator, the jealousy of a scorned wife, and a brutal attack of an evil misogynist. On the brink of death, Esy somehow finds the fortitude and strength of character to rise above the almost impossible obstacles. All of her energies are focused on bettering herself through education and gaining her freedom from servitude. Will she succeed? It is possible, but there are no guarantees and she has to make agonizing choices.

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